South Leeds Sports Centre campaigners turn to Banksy

A local group fighting to reopen South Leeds Sport Centre following its closure over a year ago have turned to famous street artist Banksy for help.

Members of the SPLASH campaign have sent the following email asking Banksy to support the next protest by either designing a new t-shirt, logo or even spray thesports centre with an Olympic Theme:

“Dear Banksy,
“We have been trying to re-open our local sports centre in South Leeds. We have been campaigning for 4 years during which the Tory Council shut it under a Labour Government, we got it re-opened – then the Labour Council shut it under a Tory Government.
“It has now been empty for over a year. We did a bit of a “V for Vendetta” protest on the 5th but our next protest will revolve around the Olympic Torch. We planning our own Holbeck and Beeston Olympic Torch carrying through our local area. Starting at the Skills Centre (closed) passing the Kwik Save (closed) by the Bank and Library ( both closed) passing the “King’s Head”, “ Spotted Cow” (both closed) passing by the derelict area where 5 blocks of flats stood (demolished) pass our sports Centre (closed) up past various tinned up houses.
“We want about 100 runners to run 100 meters each, we want to get each runner to raise enough sponsorship money to pat for the HBO t-shirt and Torch maybe a medal and brochure.
“We are getting support from the little shops/businesses and are trying to involve the South East Asian community, Eastern European community and African community to run along side us frustrated sportspeople.
“They shut our centre ‘cos they claim it was costing £25,000 a month……current overspend for the 3 week Olympic £7,500,000,000……
“Would you support us with T-Shirt design, logo or even spray our Sports Centre with an Olympic Theme…….at least it will stop our council knocking it down and will get our campaign some publicity.”
In Peace and Protest
Steve Johnston on behalf of SPLASH (Save our swimming PooL and Sports Hall)
The council closed the centre in November 2010 due to a fall in attendance and rising costs.