South Leeds Slimming World groups are open 52 weeks a year, no matter what!

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Real Life? Tier 1, 2, 3 or 4? Lockdown? It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the country we promised our members we would be open 52 weeks a year and we’ve kept that promise.

We know how hard it is changing habits of a lifetime, especially in a year like 2020, but we also know after over 50 years of experience that we can help you achieve your dream weight.

If you would like to start 2021 on the right foot we’re here waiting for you, there will never, ever be any judgement and there will always be a warm welcome in any of our groups, so please take that first step to a new you.

To help you start the year with a bang we are giving every member the “That Fresh Start Feeling” book when you attend a group. It has 28 days of meals and so much more, you collect them up until Saturday 16 January.

Please contact any of the consultants below for more details of offers or to book yourself in.

So, let’s introduce the team:


Hello, my name is Tace. I’ve been a consultant for over 5 years, my passion is cooking and experimenting in the kitchen (obviously food optimised). I love the flexibility Slimming World gives me to do this and still lose weight.

Everything starts on a Monday including my groups, I’m always happy to help whether it’s new recipes, how to tackle eating out or just being there when you need it most. I have groups Monday morning & evening and Friday in Hunslet. And Wednesday evening in Churwell, you can contact me on 07963 283990, I hope to hear from you soon x


Hi, I’m Yvonne a member, consultant and manager for Slimming World.

Losing weight without going hungry appealed to me as no foods are banned. Support and Motivation in group each week is also the key to your success. I am looking after the Tuesday evening group in Middleton, you can contact me on 07727 137854 x


Real life ? Tier 1/2/3/4/ lockdown ??

We are still here to guide and support you all the way to your dream weight. I’ve been a slimming world consultant 23 years in 2021! I can tell you changing habits of a lifetime are not easy but our food optimising plan is. When you are ready I’m here with our free 28 day fresh start booklet all the planning has been done for you! I have groups, Wednesday evening and Thursday morning in Beeston. And Thursday evening and Friday morning in MIddleton. Save my number, 07841 488658. Love Jane x


Hello, my name is Barbara. Slimming World has a special place in my heart and actually it has changed my life. Only two years ago I was 5 stones heavier, not happy about myself, struggling with my confidence and my health. With Slimming World I could still eat all that fantastic meals, no portion, no pills, no starvation – just absolutely tasty everyday food.

It’s never too late to make a difference to your health and life and Slimming World and me are here for all of you no matter what you want achieve. I have groups Thursday evening and Saturday morning at Hunslet, I’d love to hear from you, Barbara 07521 082768 x

We have followed very strict Covid guidelines, so no matter how we’re running our groups they are completely safe. To comply with the guidelines we are running a booking in system only, so please contact us to book yourself in or to get further information. You can also get more information on local groups on the website



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  1. Hello Barbara, yes there are groups in Morley. If you go to our website there’s a group finder, pop your postcode and it will tell you where your nearest group is xx

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