South Leeds roundup: Cardinals cafe, Jubilee, Olympic torch and penny pinching in Belle Isle

Some of the latest work at Middleton Park. Photo from Friends of Middleton Park Facebook page.

Here’s your weekly round-up of local links to what’s making south Leeds tick this week.

There’s still time to put your questions about anything to do with your local Neighbourhood Policing Teams to the local PCSOs. Check out the post here. You’ve got until last thing today to get your questions in!

Aire Valley Homes posts details of a Jubilee party at Cardinal Court – and also a tea party to mark the new-look communal garden at Middleton Park Court.

The Friends of Holbeck Cemetery reminds photographers on Saturday June 9th at 1pm , as part of Beeston Festival and, to get snapping in the cemetery.

Check out the latest from the White Rose community meeting in Cardinal Square , Beeston. Updates were given by Yvonne Crowther regarding the community cafe which is due to open at the end of June and also the plans made by the local schools for the Olympic Torch coming through Beeston.

Over on Facebook, Cottingley TRAC group discuss a petition against the new-look floor of their shopping arcade and also debate some old photos of the estate.

The Friends of Middleton Park have posted some new photos of the latest work in the park.

Housing chiefs in Leeds have given a whole new meaning to the phrase “penny pinching”. Pensioners John and Elsie Geoghegan could hardly believe it when they received a letter saying they were behind with their council rent – by a penny, reports the YEP. The paper also follows up our post on the new Turkish restaurant/supermarket opening on the former Kwik Save site in Domestic Street, Holbeck and gets soem reaction from a local councillor.

Police have been offering crime prevention advice in the Ingrams area of Holbeck. Leaflets, stickers and advice were given, particularly concentrating on targeting the elderly, due to recent reports of suspicious males in  the area. New help desk opening times are being proposed for Holbeck Police Station.

Beeston Forum would welcome new committee members – more on their website.

A football coach from the Hunslet Club hopes to achieve her goal of becoming a PE teacher after scoring a place on a prestigious sports course in the USA, reports the YEP.