South Leeds churches plan Olympic Torch barbecue

Deacon Al Henry from Middleton Methodist Church has sent us the following details about an initiative when the Olympic Torch comes through Hunslet and Beeston:

“When the Torch relay comes through South Leeds on Monday 25th June, it is going right past two of our Methodist churches early in the morning before people would be going to work or school.

“We have decided that we would like to offer a breakfast barbecue to those who are waiting to see the torch near Hunslet, (that is on Balm Road near the Railway Pub outside our Methodist Church) and to give away bottled water to those waiting near Trinity Methodist, Building Blocks on Tempest Road Beeston and a group is going to stand near Elland Road and also give out bottled water.

“We are asking for volunteers, ideally we would like four teams of 10 people to be able to effectively witness our faith during this event. The fourth team would walk between Hunslet and Trinity as the torch moves along.

“We are also asking for churches and indivials to help fund the things needed to make this event a success. Please let Deacon Al, 271 6818 know if you could help in this way and either make a collection in church and pass it to us or write us a cheque.”

The next planning meeting is on Thursday 7th June from 7pm at Hunslet Methodist Church.

Meanwhile, Middleton-based DAZL dance organisation will be putting on a special dance display in the South Leeds Stadium when the torch passes through the area. It’s due to pass through Beeston just before 8.30am.