Slideshow: Secretary of State Chris Huhne visits Beeston’s Greenhouse

[slideshow] A member of the Government has visited Beeston to sample life at a pioneering low carbon development.

Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, was at Greenhouse to hear about using renewable technologies to help reduce fuel bills. He also chatted to local residents.

Sustainable developers Citu hosted the Secretary of State’s team, leading a discussion on transitioning towards a low carbon society.

Mr Huhne said:

“This really is a great project. It shows just how we can build an attractive space for people to live in, making the best use of technologies available, to contribute to low carbon living. It really is an enormous step forward.

“I see developments like Greenhouse as win, win, win. It reduces energy bills for residents, it brings life to an old building through regeneration, and it’s great for the country on the whole.

“It’s important we give consumers more power to get to grips with energy bills and I am very impressed with how this development does this.  The best way to save bills on energy is not to use it in the first place.”

The behind the scenes tour explained how 1930s Shaftesbury House was transformed, giving the group the opportunity to see how rain water flushes loos, solar panels heat water and wind turbines generate energy to make cups of tea.