Sharp Lane Centre put a party on fit for a Queen

1 (2)First of all I must apologise for the delay in getting this blog on-line. Normally when I go to an event on Saturday I have everything sorted out for me get on-line on the Sunday.

It’s been a manic week for me, but I’m sure you will enjoy the blog and pictures. Please note there is a slideshow at the top of the blog for you to have a look at.



Went along to the Sharp Lane Community Group/ Centre last Saturday for the Queen’s Birthday celebrations to do a blog and take photos for South Leeds Life Blog and Newspaper.

As I got to bottom of the street, you did not need directions you could hear everyone enjoying themselves to the music. I estimate around 100 to 150 people already there when I turned up.

I was greeted by Ian Rodley one of the organisers for the DAZL Dance troupe performing that day.Queens birthday cellebrations (14) Queens birthday cellebrations (6)

Although Ian knew I was coming, I again asked if it was OK to take photographs of the children performing. “Of course” he said, the parents have already given permission for photos to be used on any media.

The DAZL dance group has been running for 15 years, and are public health funded and Health for All. I told Ian, often see them at Galas and Festivals.



Ian tells me the group are aged 5 years old to 25 years old. I was a bit early to see them performing so I joined the cue for refreshments.
The pie and peas smelt lovely, but already eaten so just had a drink.Queens birthday cellebrations (2)

I asked Christine, who was serving the refreshments, and who was one of the organisers of the event, if she would have a moment for me to ask her some questions about the event, and of the daily use of the centre.

Christine is the Treasurer of the centre. I told her that was my job for Belle Isle and Middleton in Bloom, which of course the centre is based in Belle Isle.
Christine has been treasurer since January this year.
During the week the centre opens for people to play Bingo, Play your cards right and Dominoes and more activities.

I let Christine get back to kitchen duties, and went outside to the marquee to see the DAZL Dance Troupe in action.
I have got to say they are one of the best Dance troupe I have seen, all perfect and in time with the music.

Queens birthday cellebrations (10)Well after about 2 hours, made my way home from a lovely fantastic event and well organised by everyone concerned.

You can see more, if you’re on Facebook, at Sharp Lane Community Group