Secondary School open days

Families with children in Year 6 need to apply for a place in a secondary school for next September, the deadline for applications is 31 October 2021.

To help families choose the right school our local secondary schools are holding open day events over the coming weeks:

Cockburn John Charles Academy (Belle Isle) – Wednesday 29 September 5-7pm

Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy (Middleton) – Tuesday 5 October 5-7pm

Cockburn School (Beeston) – Thursday 7 October 6-8pm

The Ruth Gorse Academy (Hunslet) – Saturday 16 October 10am-1:30pm

With getting the right secondary school place being so important, Leeds City Council are keen to bust a few myths about the application process.

Myth: I live in a school’s catchment area so I’m guaranteed a place there.

Fact: Your application will be prioritised over anyone living outside the catchment area, but there is no guarantee of a place. You still need to include this school as one of your preferences.

Myth: If I only put one preference on my application then you’ll have to offer me that school.

Fact: This does not increase your chance of being offer a place. By listing only one preference, you are asking to be considered for place at only one school. Your application will still be in the same position on that school’s list of applications whether you’ve applied to one or five schools.

Myth: I have good reasons why my child should attend my first preference school, so you have to offer them a place.

Fact: School admission policies set the rules about the order they offer their places in. If your reasons are included in the school admissions policy, then make sure you include that information in your application. By law, schools can’t take any other reasons into account.

If you have any other questions about the process, the Admissions team will be hosting a live question and answer session on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday (28 September 2021) between 5-7pm. You can send questions via a comment or DM.

To apply for a secondary school place go to: