For sale: Two streets in Beeston

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to buy two streets, but 44 flats and 29 houses on Kirk Beston Close and Cross Heath Grove in Beeston are currently on the market.

Kirk Beston Close, Beeston
Kirk Beston Close, Beeston

In fact it’s not the whole of Cross Heath Grove, the section parallel to Elland Road is not affected. The 73 properties for sale, known collectively as the Elland Portfolio, are rented out and were owned by Angelic Interiors Ltd who went into administration in July this year. Offers are now being sought for the single freehold by agents Allsop and Carter Jonas.

Existing tenancies will not be affected by the sale of the freehold, but ominously the agents information pack suggests that “active asset management” could see the rental income for the estate raised by nearly £45,000 a year. That equates to an average rent hike of £12 per week, £600 per year, per household.

Cross Heath Grove, Beeston
Cross Heath Grove, Beeston


5 Replies to “For sale: Two streets in Beeston”

    1. Thanks for your comment Simon, but I must disagree.

      I love living in Beeston, it’s a friendly place with a caring community. The houses up for sale aren’t empty, so I guess those tenants agree with me. The only trouble is too much of Beeston is now owned by private landlords.

  1. Short of dropping the lot and re-building… not sure what a potential buyer could do with the properties other than rent them off, perhaps raise the rent, but given the figures talked about I’m not convinced there is massive room to do so…

    Would be odd to start evicting people, but nothing surprises me.

  2. glad to see someone else thinks there are too may pension pot private landlords in the area out of 30 houses in my once family friendly street there are now only 3 houses left that arent owned by greedy grabbing private landlords renting them out to everything and everything weve had brothels drugs dens the lot and no one seems to know what a bin is for might learn if they were paying rent and council tax

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