Residents campaign for new Middleton swimming pool

In 2011, Leeds City Council took the decision to close and demolish several swimming pools in Leeds and now local residents in Middleton are calling for investment in a new one.

The Council has recently found £1.4m for a new gym at the Leisure Centre which has made people think if they can invest in a gym, why not a community pool?

Over 900 residents have signed a petition supporting the idea and Middleton Community Group has decided to support Jolie Loveley on her campaign for a new pool.

Jolie said:

“Basically what I’ve come across when talking to people is that by the time they’ve got to other pools on public transport it’s then expensive to have to pay for swimming, especially for families. For example I have three kids and myself on public transport then entrance fees, but if we could get one here I could walk to it. Swimming lessons per child is like £25 per month which makes it impossible for me to put my kids through lessons”.

A Public meeting will be held at St Cross Church for those who want to support the idea on Monday 1 April 2019, 7-8pm.

Wayne Dixon said:

“The Middleton Community Group is looking to make a difference in our area and as part of the community group committee I am pleased we could offer our support to get people’s voices heard. I hope local people will come to the meeting on the 1st and we, as a community, can get our voices heard”.

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  1. We will never get a pool in south leeds.(we would have to live in north leeds). To qualify for that….

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