Repair Cafe comes to Beeston

We live in a throwaway society, but one group are fighting against the tide and helping people get broken things fixed.

The Repair Café has been running in Leeds for the last two years. The idea is very simple: people with broken stuff come along and meet people who can fix things.

On Monday (15 January 2018) the café came to Beeston and people brought everything from toy helicopters to paper shredders along to Hillside get them fixed for free. As well extending the life of the items, the organisers hope people will learn a few tricks from the fixers and be inspired to fix other things when they break.

“It was great to bring the Repair Cafe down to our home turf, here in south Leeds” said Ed Carlisle, one of the organisers.

“We had some very skilled new volunteer fixers from this local area join us. If I’m honest, we weren’t especially lucky with fixing – we perhaps only fixed half of the stuff. But as always, everyone was really grateful and enthusiatic nonetheless. We’ve got more events coming up, monthly around the city – anyone’s welcome anytime.”

The next Leeds Repair Café will be held at Bridge Street Church in the city centre, behind Eastgate (LS2 7QZ) on Saturday 3 February 2018, 12-4pm.