Remember the Wombles?

If you are old enough, you may remember the BBC children’s programme The Wombles – a group of furry animals who lived in Wimbledon.

Their moto was “Make good use of bad rubbish.” Well there’s a modern day equivalent in many neighbourhoods, including Beeston. They may not be able to make good use of the rubbish, but they want to do something about the mounting piles of litter and debris that is on our streets.

The Beeston Womblers (South Leeds) are a newly formed group of dedicated litter pickers, and they are already making a difference in our area.

If you check out their Facebook page you will see the number of purple bags they have collected from hotspots like Beggars Hill (behind Holbeck Cemetery) and Middleton Grove (the road leading up to the John Charles Centre).

The purple coloured bag indicates that the litter has been collected by a volunteer, and like all community groups, they are always looking to recruit new members.

If you are interested in joining you can contact the Wombler in charge of bags – Clare can also let you have one of the litter pickers that Beeston in Bloom have purchased. Just follow a few simple rules for the bags:

  • Don’t make them too heavy;
  • Tie them at the top so the rubbish doesn’t spill out; and
  • Leave them on the roadside near a council rubbish bin.

The Facebook page will let you know of events that are being planned, and if you need advice about the council waste services you can check it out on

If you don’t want to join that’s fine, but please remember to take your litter home or use one of the many bins (not Beeston in Bloom planters!!) that are all over the area.

Keep safe and keep it clean!


This post was written by Linda Stanley

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