Posties win fight to keep Holbeck office open

Royal Mail have officially announced today (6 February 2019) that they have scrapped plans to merge Holbeck Delivery Office and the Leeds City Delivery Office.

The announcement follows an eighteen month campaign by members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and the local community. As we reported back in September 2017, the merger would have forced residents to travel to an industrial estate off Wellington Bridge near the Armley Gyratory.

Chris Allen from the CWU said in a statement:

“This is to inform all residents of the Leeds 11 postcode area that because of the efforts of the local CWU (Communication Workers Union) in Holbeck and City Delivery Office and on a CWU Branch, Area and Divisional level, Royal Mail have today officially announced that they have called off their plans to close Holbeck Delivery Office to merge it’s operations into City Delivery Office.

“This is a massive victory for all staff affected and for the Leeds 11 local community who will not have this important service taken out of the community. Your local Leeds 11 posties are appreciative of the support you have given them to keep the office local in Leeds 11, and will be happy to continue to provide you with a reliable, efficient and professional service from their local delivery office in Holbeck.”


Photo: Workers and residents protest 17 February 2018


2 Replies to “Posties win fight to keep Holbeck office open”

  1. Amazing news for the workers after they and the unions fought hard to keep the Office open. One thing, no mention of Leeds Councillors and Hilary Benn helping, so why are they in the photo?

    1. Councillors and Hilary Benn MP supported the campaign, attending rallies such as the one in the photo and making representations to Royal Mail.

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