Poll: Should Hunslet and Morley fire stations be merged?

As you may have heard, Hunslet Fire Station could close under proposals being recommended by West Yorkshire’s chief fire officer.

Closing? Hunset Fire Station off Dewsbury Road

The proposal could see the Dewsbury Road station close, along with  Morley’s station on Corporation Street. The stations would then be merged and relocated on a site midway between the two current stations.

The plan is one of a raft of changes to emergency cover in the county set to be recommended by Chief Fire Officer Simon Pilling this week. The county-wide changes have already prompted strong condemnation in some quarters.

Mr Pilling said the success of the brigade’s fire safety work over the past decade meant that there was real scope for change and that investment in infrastructure would allow him to relocate fire stations and resources to more optimum locations.

“Accidental fire deaths and injuries are at an all-time low and some stations are now half as busy as they were a few years ago so we can rationalise and modernise the service whilst still providing effective fire cover.”

Mr Pilling also emphasised that the county’s fire authority was likely to face budget cuts up to 2020 and had to make long-term provision to  redesign and reshape fire cover according to present and future risks.

What do you think? Is the merger a good thing or not? Will you feel safe under the proposals? Have your say in our poll and in the comments section below.

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2 Replies to “Poll: Should Hunslet and Morley fire stations be merged?”

  1. South Leeds Life has received this comment via email from reader Stuart Long. He says:

    “We live in the real world and these are days of necessary cutbacks and austerity whether we like them or not. It’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction and get angry about it (which is probably what this blog was after) but if you look at the rationale and facts behind it, it’s sound. Nobody’s going to be burning alive because of this.”

    Thanks for your comment, Stuart. What do other readers think?

    To answer one of Stuart’s points for the record, we’re not trying to stir up controversy – I believe our article to be quite balanced and impartial. We are, however, hoping for a democratic debate around the issue – I strongly believe issues like this should be debated in public and people should have a say. It’s the benefit of living in a democracy.

  2. i think that 1 station could normally look after both very well. It’s only a relatively short drive between the two, but enough that a new station at the half way point is essential. My one concern is what happens when the weather is really bad. Most Morley people can remember Churwell Hill having abandoned vehicles in the snow not that long ago, and getting to the stage where it was impassable. Accidents and emergencies could prove to be really difficult to respond to in these circumstances. That half way point is a long way down hill!

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