Police seize illegal off road vehicles in South Leeds

West Yorkshire Police’s Leeds South Neighbourhood Policing Team have posted this report on their Facebook page:

Operation Ashfield Update!

Our Leeds District Off Road Bike Team has been on fire this week as part of Operation Ashfield, joining forces with our amazing local NPTs to keep Leeds South areas in check!

During their patrols this week, they’ve been like lightning, seizing an e-scooter in Middleton. This “daring” individual thought riding in and out of traffic while giving our officers a one-finger salute and belting out a serenade of creative vocabulary was the perfect way to say hello. We appreciate the attention, but we’d prefer a friendly wave next time!

There’s more! A quad bike from 2020’s greatest hits was found and seized in Middleton. Apparently, it had been rocking the “outstanding stolen” look for quite a while.

Morley wasn’t left out of the action either. An electric motorbike without insurance or a license tried to sneak its way around town but was no match for our eagle-eyed officers and their trusty NPT backup!

We’re not just about seizing vehicles though. Our address-checking officers were hard at work, following up on intelligence about stolen motorbikes.

Last but not least, A certain someone earned themselves a fixed penalty notice for not playing by the local traffic rulebook.



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