Police seize fireworks from teenagers in Beeston

West Yorkshire Police have reported seizing fireworks from a number of youths over last weekend (17-18 October 2020) according to a report on their Neighbourhood Alert system. The alert read:

“Leeds Inner South Neighbourhood Police Team 2 have confiscated a large amount of fireworks from various youths over the weekend after reports from local residents in Beeston.

“The apprehended youths will be attending a bonfire and firework safety session as a condition of their community resolution to educate and warn of the dangers involved in the misuse of fireworks.

“If you see youths under the age of 18 in possession of fireworks or general misuse of fireworks, report it to 101 or 999 if in immediate danger.”

The granting of a city-wide injunction earlier this month prohibiting anti-social use of fireworks has made these interventions easier for police officers.

Insp Lucy Leadbeater, who leads the Leeds South Neighbourhood Team said:

“Despite all our efforts, we have seen an increase in calls to police in relation to youths causing ASB with fireworks, we will take positive action where there is evidence of this.”


3 Replies to “Police seize fireworks from teenagers in Beeston”

  1. Glad to read fireworks have been confiscated due to irresponsible use. Hope the youths can learn something useful from attending a safety awareness lesson. A neighbour told me that he’d seen some young boys on Burton road shining laser light pens into the sky – thought these were banned? He spoke to them about it but just got a lot of verbal abuse.

  2. Good job guys but we are having excessive fire works around Holbeck Leeds coming from direction of Eland Road Bridge since September day n night rain or shine up to ,1 -2am every day & nite who can we report it too very stressing & disturbs sleep also what it does terrifying pets

  3. This evening saw 2 different incidents in Beeston of fireworks exploding at pavement level within 2 meters of pedestrians.
    To best of my knowledge both incidents deliberate. Certainly came across that way based on what i saw.
    Why are fireworks still being sold to the public? They are used as weapons.
    Does someone need to be killed to have a whit of sense?
    All the talk of covid and the dangers; meanwhile frankly the half-baked with fireworks are a far greater hazard to the public.

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