Police attend Belle Isle community meeting

PC Laura Dennant attended the latest  community meeting for residents living in The Brooms part of Belle Isle.

She told residents the number of crimes reported in the area over the last month were “quite low”, and there were no questions raised about them.

Issues raised by the residents included speeding around the corner of Broom Cross by the credit union building. They also said people were parking on the corner there, making it hard to get past.

There are no parking restrictions in this area, and Leeds City Council reported that they have been out to survey the site and deem it not necessary to put double lines on the road at this location.

In addition the parking outside the Broomfields school was mentioned and the council advised that they had identified an area to open up for parking on the opposite side of the ginnel at Windmill Close.

PC Dennant said that Rothwell NPT would deploy the Prolaser Speed gun at this location but that previous experience has shown that people are not “speeding” around the corner, but are driving at an inappropriate speed for the corner, which is causing the screeching of tyres as they grip on the outer edges.

There is no evidence of handbrake turns and no tyre rubber on the tarmac at this location.

Leeds City Council are going to look into a speed survey with the wires that go across the road and report back.

There were no other complaints or issues raised.