Planning applications in Beeston


This Thursday, 20th June there are three items affecting south Leeds to be considered at South and West Plans Panel: a pre-application consideration of proposals for the former Icepak factory on Barkly Road, Leeds 11 and the two applications for a supermarket on Old Lane, Leeds 11 from Tesco and Asda respectively.

Artist's impression of new centre
Artist’s impression of new centre on Barkly Road


Panel members will be visiting the former Icepak site at about 11:35am on Thursday so they can see the location for themselves. At the Panel meeting they will be considering a report, which sets out the current proposals, which are described as being ‘to provide religious, community centre, sports hall and catering business’. The reports poses a number of questions for members to consider including:

  • What do they think about the proposed mix of uses?
  • What are their views on the scale and design of what’s proposed?
  • What do they think about highway issues and on-site parking proposals?
  • Do they have particular concerns regarding the potential impact on neighbouring residents?

In respect of the store wars saga, officers are recommending the Asda application is approved and the Tesco proposal rejected.  The main reasons provided for these recommendations are:

  • Developing two retail stores would have a significant adverse effect on the Beeston local centre, particularly on the Co-op, perhaps 30%.
  • As Asda already has a store on Old Lane then approving the Tesco application would lead to retail space of  3,477 square metres compared with 3,000 square metres if just the Asda application proceeds; and
  • The Tesco store would add new element of ‘top up’ shopping  and therefore, its impact on the Co-op would be greater than Asda which is already trading.

The Panel meeting starts at 1:30pm at the Civic Hall and is a public meeting – why not go along and see what happens?

2 Replies to “Planning applications in Beeston”

  1. What? Look what Asda have done at Middleton?? Nothing, still the old Co-op factory. Tesco lost out there but would have had something built by now. In few years there will be a big Asda within 10 mins, but no big Tesco if this goes ahead, no choice for consumers.
    Who care’s about the affect on the Co-op. Open both Asda, Tesco for the benefit of the consumer and the prices will go down due to the competition. I’m sure Co-op have enough financial clowt to battle against the competition.

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