Photography students shine at South Leeds Academy

Students proudly showed off their work to families, staff and other students at an exhibition of GCSE Photography at The South Leeds Academy last week.


This was the first year that the school had offered the course and 36 students took it as a one year course. The course has now been added to the permanent curriculum and Year 10 students will start studying the subject in September.

“Some of the students were not engaged to start to with, but I’m delighted that all 36 students finished the course and exhibited their work.” said Marie Caines, Assistant Principal who taught the course.

The exhibition demonstrated their skills with the camera experimenting with composition, lighting and shutter speeds to create stunning images. Also exhibited were GCSE Textiles coursework including a stunning Prom dress.

Principal Marc Doyle commented:

“I’m very proud of the work of these students. It is another example of how the school is changing and our pupils are beginning to shine.”

One boy had been struggling to engage a couple of years ago and a girl who recently moved to Britain has struggled with her English. Both have achieved great results on this course.

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