Park’s past, present and future explored at exhibition

An exhibition called ‘Leeds Parks: Past, Present and Future’ is to be held at the Watsonian Pavilion in Cross Flatts Park on Saturday 3 June 2017.

Cross Flatts Park c.1916. Photo: Artemis Artforms

The exhibition is a chance to see how the city’s parks have changed over time, from their Victorian origins to the present day, and to discover what the future might hold for our public parks. Visitors of all ages and backgrounds are welcome, and the exhibition includes specific displays and activities for children. There will be  a walking tour of the history of Cross Flatts Park at 2pm, and the exhibition incudes a collection of images of Leeds parks through time.

The Watsonian Pavilion in Cross Flatts Park

Nathan Booth, one of the organisers said:

“Find out why public parks were first created, and how their founders hoped they would transform the city around them. Discover which parks in Leeds are the most popular, how they are used, how they benefit the public and what challenges they currently face. And explore people’s hopes and fears for the future of public parks, in a time of financial cutbacks and growing demand for access to green space. Visitors of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.“

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