Parents and children Try Reading at New Bewerley


Lois Forsell, Harry the Hawk and Patrick Wilkins with some of the children
Lois Forsell, Harry the Hawk and Patrick Wilkins with some of the children

Seventy parents came into New Bewerley Community School last Friday to attend the Try Reading event with their children.

Tom Palmer the author of the Try Reading books about Scrum and Steed shared the event with Lois Forsell and Harry The Hawk from Hunslet Hawks. Lois and Harry both recieved a warm welcome and enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly. Lois was invited as their special guest as a England Women Rugby League representative. Lois spoke to the children about how important reading has been for her throughout her life not only in education and work but also in rugby league!

Lois took in some of her England Womens Rugby League materials to show the children what kind of things she was expected to read and understand as a rugby player to show how massive reading is in most life experiences.Lois also took in one of her favorite books from her childhood which proved a hit with some of the youngsters who also love Jaqueline Wilson.

Harry the Hawk also took in his favorite reading materials… Hunslet Hawks match day programmes! He showed the programmes off to the children and we spoke about what he loves about them. After chatting about our favourite books and the importance of reading we had photos with the children and Harry signed the childrens books they had bought at the event.

The children loved seeing Harry, Lois and Tom and had a great day so we hope they have a nice time reading their new signed books!

New Bewerley Headteacher Patrick Wilkins said:

“This was a great event and we are delighted that so many parents attended. Reading is a key skill and reading at home really helps children develop and supports all their learning.

“It is very powerful to have adult role models like Lois Forsell share with children how reading contributed to their success – in this case in the field of international sport!”

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  1. I think it’s great to see initiatives like this!
    It is so important that children learn to love reading, instead of reading just enough to get by in school. Anything that helps this must be encouraged and, if we can we should try to give children at least one book of their choice per year.
    I think that these events are especially important in engaging parents as not nearly enough of them get involved with their childrens day to day reading.
    I give up time whenever I can to help children read in a junior school (where I’m a governor), and it’s very satisfying to help enthuse children.
    Well done to all involved!

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