Outdoor skatepark takes shape at LS-TEN

Over the past couple of months we have been working with the skateboarders of Leeds who have been volunteering their time here at LS-TEN to create their own DIY concrete skatepark.

We have been helped by Leeds City Council Inner South Community Committee and also energy drink Red-bull and clothing brand Vans on making the outdoor skatepark possible.

Over the years the skateboarders have built a number of DIY skateparks in abandoned areas such as old car parks, however this land has always belonged to someone and so as soon as the park get built (using their own time and money) it simply gets destroyed by the land owners. We have seen this happen time and time again and it got to a point where we figured it was time to help out.

We have a huge back yard at the skatepark doing absolutely nothing and so we suggested that the skateboarders simply use our unused backyard to build their own DIY skatepark. What would be great about this, is that nobody would be able to knock it down.

Amazingly they were all keen for this. Progress was slow to start with but over the past couple of months, the build has really started to take shape.

By the end of September this DIY section will be open for all users of LS-TEN to skate and ride and everyone is excited about it.


This post was written by Tosh Wilson

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