Online campaign launches to challenge rise of ‘at home drinking’ culture


‘Like my limit’ launches this week, aiming to tackle an increasing trend of drinking at home. The campaign will launch on Facebook and other online platforms, using a series of e-cards and infographics to prompt people to think more carefully about their alcohol consumption, and encourage them to make one small to change to reduce the amount they drink.

Like my limit infographic‘At home drinking’ is growing faster in England than drinking in pubs, cafes, clubs and restaurants, with sales of wine purchased in supermarkets having doubled in the past 40 years. Where our previous generation may have had a few drinks at the local pub on a Friday or Saturday night, an increasing number of adults are now drinking regularly in the home.

It’s a common misconception that the only people who suffer alcohol-related health problems are ‘alcoholics’ or ‘binge drinkers’, but those who regularly drink above the recommended limits over a number of years are also at significant risk of long-term health harms. Alcohol is linked to more than 60 medical conditions and diseases, including liver disease, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, raised blood pressure, stroke and dementia.

It’s very easy for alcohol consumption to sneak up on someone, with people gradually becoming dependent on a glass or a few most evenings out of habit. This problem is magnified by the fact a lot of people tend to pour larger measures at home than they would normally be served in a licensed establishment.

As well as health consequences, alcohol consumption also has a wider impact on society, as it’s linked to other issues such as incidents of domestic violence, children’s wellbeing and workplace productivity.

Leeds City Council’s ‘Like my limit’ campaign will run over the summer period, at a time of year when adults tend to drink more and for longer periods, often during the day and in front of children – for example, on holiday and at barbecues.

The campaign will also signpost people to online information and local services they can access if they, or someone they know, is affected by alcohol and needs advice or support.

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