On The Beat: Road safety and Neighbourhood Watch

The last month has seen lockdown measures continue to reduce and life is starting to return to the ‘new normal’ for a larger number of us.

It has been a challenging time for all of us including my team and colleagues. I would again like to thank the residents of South Leeds for following guidance and adhering to social distancing, ensuring that you are keeping yourselves, your family and your community safe.

This month we have had a determined focus on keeping you safe on the roads as more people return to travel. We have conducted a number of operations across South Leeds, in particular focusing on speeding.

On 22 June one of the Inner South ward officers stopped and dealt with a driver who was driving at 73mph in a 30mph limit on Domestic Road in Holbeck. This is extremely dangerous and completely unacceptable and the driver has been summoned to court for this offence.

Road Safety is an extremely important aspect of our job and I know the concern that this brings to residents across the city. We will continue to tackle this and take positive action wherever we can.

As well as speeding, a regular complaint from residents is the anti-social use of vehicles on roads. On 17 June we attended Middleton District Shopping Centre where a vehicle was seen to be doing doughnuts in the carpark. The driver was stopped and their vehicle was seized due to this behaviour.

Seized: no more doughnuts

We have also seized a number of other vehicles including an off road motorbike that was again causing a nuisance in the Middleton area.

Seized: anti-social motorbike

As a team we take a proactive approach to identifying such vehicles and offenders and welcome any information from members of the public in relation to individuals or vehicles involved. If you have any information please report to us through 101 or 101 Live Chat and of course 999 in an emergency.

Between 7-13 June we supported Neighbourhood Watch Week and visited a number of premises to raise awareness of this scheme. The Neighbourhood Watch is an excellent scheme that ensures that information can be shared effectively and can really help reduce crime in your neighbourhood. If you are interested in becoming involved then please email us at wyp.nhw@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk for more information.

The part of my job that I enjoy the most is engaging with communities in a variety of different ways. Listening to your concerns and feedback to ensure that we are tackling the issues that are a priority to you. Due to Covid 19 the last few months have been difficult to do this as we have seen meetings and events cancelled.

We are using social media and a variety of networking platforms to keep in touch with people and keep you updated. There continue to be a variety of ways that you can keep in touch with us and all details are on our website www.westyorkshire.police.uk/my-neighbourhood/leeds/leeds-south.

On the website you will find information about the team, how you can contact us as well as details about our priorities each month for each ward area. We welcome feedback from residents about the priorities that we have set and want to ensure that we are working effectively in partnership with the community to tackle the issues that matter to you.

As always, the South Leeds Neighbourhood Policing Team is proud to continue to ensure we keep you and all the communities of South Leeds safe.


This post was written by Insp Lucy Leadbeater


2 Replies to “On The Beat: Road safety and Neighbourhood Watch”

  1. In streets throughout Holbeck there are 20 mph speed limit signs. People delivering to, working at, or attending houses are ignoring these signs and racing up and down the streets faster than they should be. This is happening because there is not a visible deterrent.
    I hope that something is done soon as there are more children in the area than there has been for quite some time, and I’m sure that no one wants to see a senseless waste of young life before anything is done to stop a minority of idiots speeding from A to B.
    Perhaps it is time to think of speed bumps around Ingram Road, Elland Road, Brown Lane East, Crosby Street, Shafton Lane and Domestic Street. Unfortunately, this would hamper the emergency services, but the only other permanent fixture that could work would be remote cameras in the streets and Police units ready to attend what the cameras see.
    I wonder if these things would already be in place, in abundance, if Councillors and influential people were living in the Holbeck areas that are effected.

  2. Dear insp Leadbeater,
    I absolutely love this news letter and the amazing work that you do for our communities and for keeping law abiding members of the public safe, especially in these very difficult times.

    I actually live in Leeds 9 Burmantofts area of Leeds and just lately have had a few meetings with CSO 360 Lee Johnson From the Leeds District East team.

    He has been amazing in helping with some situations that have been occurring locally and I’ve done everything possible to help assist with the matter.

    Unfortunately we don’t get a news letter like yours as such, I’m signed up to regular updates of things happening in the area but even though CSO Johnson was unbelievably helpful and kept in contact, I am mindful to how overworked you all our and don’t like taking up too much time.

    An inspector from the Leeds east team was going to contact me a few months ago as I had reg numbers, vehicle details, dates, times, names and places of drug deals happening 24/7 on our estate.

    Due to these unprecedented times they never got in touch, which is totally understandable but I wondered if you were aware of any similar news letters that are available for my area.

    I would love to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme but I’m disabled and it is a very diverse multi cultural area with an awful lot of drug users and not really the type of area to go door knocking.

    I would really appreciate any advice or contact details for receiving similar news letters etc and any help we can give to make our community safer.

    Thank you for your time, hopefully I’ll hear back from you soon.

    Take care, stay safe and thank you for all you do, kind regards Darren.

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