On The Beat: online safety, anti-social behaviour and bike security

I would like to start this column by introducing myself as the new Inspector for the South Leeds Neighbourhood Policing Team.

I have joined the team from one of the East Leeds Patrol Teams, and have previously worked at Elland Road, so Leeds has been a staple of my West Yorkshire Service. I take over from Lucy Leadbeater, who has remained in Leeds following her promotion to Chief Inspector. I hope to continue the good work that Lucy carried out for the communities of South Leeds.

I have set about learning and understanding the core issues that affect daily life for people in the community, and how, as a Neighbourhood Policing Team we can have the greatest impact. My hope is that in the months ahead, I will be able to use this column to update you on some positive news for the community, as well as sharing some useful and informative information on important issues.

Tuesday 8 February saw Safer Internet Day 2022. Staff from your Neighbourhood Policing Team have been taking this opportunity to engage with local schools to assist in sharing some key messages around safe internet use for children, as well as some useful messages for parents. Additional information and resources are available on www.saferinternet.org.uk.

We will continue to focus our attention on areas that cause concern to communities. An address on Malvern Rise in Beeston was subject of a Premises Closure Order as a result of partnership working between Housing, Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team and your Neighbourhood Policing Team. The address was responsible for significant anti-social behaviour, including drug supply, discarded drug paraphernalia, noise/nuisance and intimidation of local residents.

In addition, ongoing work to tackle criminal and anti-social behaviour linked to unlicensed ‘car meet’ events in Leeds has seen closure orders secured on three hotspot areas, one of which is within South Leeds. Staff from your Neighbourhood Policing Team have worked with Leeds City Council to secure a closure order covering Lowfields Road in Holbeck, an area of repeat anti-social behaviour.

The team have also been assisting partners from the Communities Team at Leeds City Council in conducting a leaflet drop in Holbeck. The activity was aimed at informing residents of the work that partners are engaged with in order to keep people safe. Part of this activity relates to the community drop-in event on Tuesday 1 March at The Holbeck. The event offered an opportunity for residents of Holbeck to speak directly to the Police, Council and various other partners.

A final word from me about Bike safety. Staff from your Neighbourhood Policing Team have started a new bike safety initiative, where advice and resources are available for security and crime prevention.

Future events are scheduled for Middleton Bike Hub (Leeds Urban Bike Park) on 17 March and on 4 April. We hope to grow the initiative with further events on a larger scale. These events are open to the public and offer free bike security marking.


This post was written by Insp Tom Perry

Photo: Leeds City Council has provided funding to security mark bikes

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  1. Very interesting..But maybe I am missing something on the article ?
    The lady replaces Lucy Leadbeater but doesnt tell us her name( not her fault..she didnt write this)
    Also even though I have no issues at present in my area , I wouldnt know how to get hold of her team…no telephone number has ever been passed to us residents as far as I know ?

  2. Regarding bikes I remember years ago owners of bikes were able to take a cycling proficiency test,but expect this doesn’t happen anymore ,think it would be a good idea to introduce it again for people who are new to riding a bike.

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