On The Beat: Drink/drug driving, open water and off road bikes

This summer sees a positive force campaign around the reduction of drink/drug driving. Drink and drug driving offences can carry really serious consequences for those involved. Not only do you risk your driving licence and potentially your employment/employability, but driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs can have devastating consequences for the safety of people within the vehicle and those in the area.

Sadly, people still receive life changing and life ending injuries as a result of accidents where a driver is under the influence. I cannot downplay the impact on families and friends of those injured or killed in incidents such as this, and so I would ask that you consider whether driving under the influence is worth the life of someone you care about, your freedom and your livelihood. Officers from your local neighbourhood policing team will be targeting offences like this throughout the summer.

The summer months also make outdoor swimming popular. Whilst appealing in the hot weather, this can be exceptionally dangerous. My officer shave been working with the West Yorkshire Fire and rescue Service to train in water rescue techniques. Water currents in reservoirs, and some lakes can be very deceptive and whilst the surface may look calm, there may be strong undercurrents that you cannot see. Temperatures too can be very deceiving, and can really hamper your ability to swim.

Algae present in the water can harm animals and cause skin irritation, and debris under the surface can make it very easy to become trapped. Sadly, Leeds has suffered some tragic loss as a result of open/outdoor swimming. Please be mindful of the risks whilst you enjoy the summer weather.

I am aware of an increase in the use of off-road motorcycles and quad bikes. This is a major cause of anti-social behaviour in many of the South Leeds communities. Again, this practice can have devastating consequences for riders, road users, pedestrians and communities. Please be assured that this is an issue taken very seriously by West Yorkshire Police and Leeds District. The District has invested heavily in our Off-Road Bike Team, both in terms of its staffing and equipment.

We are always seeking to evolve how we tackle the problem and work in partnership with Leeds City Council and others to reduce the prevalence of this form of anti-social behaviour. Many of the people riding motorcycles without helmets are children and young people. The bikes are often ridden in a dangerous manner. If you are a parent of a child involved in riding these bikes, please encourage them to stop. It is not worth life changing or life ending injuries. I would encourage communities to report the use of these bikes, many of which are stolen to the police. You can also report anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or online at www.crimestoppers-uk.org. My teams will continue to work to reduce crime and disorder in our communities and will be happy to take action around any information passed onto us.


This post was written by Inspector Tom Perry of the Leeds South Neighbourhood Policing Team


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  1. In East Leeds we are having the same problems with youths with no helmets & wearing balaklavas, riding motorcycles in a dangerous manner, both day, night, and in the early hours. I wonder if you could let me know if the East Leeds / Swarcliffe/ Whinmoor/ Seacroft/ Crossgates and beyond division’s are taking the same action as South Leeds division to put a stop to this vey dangerous and intimidating behaviour? It is very frightening and intimidating! Some people have even talked about, taking matters into their own hands in these areas, as they feel the Police are doing nothing to stop these hooligans, who are holding estates to ransom! I look forward to your reply. Thank you

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