New Community Committee to discus domestic violence


The new Inner South Community Committee will be meeting next Wednesday (3 September 2014) and its meeting will start with a workshop session looking at a local response to domestic violence.

Community committee logoThe Community Committee takes over from the old Inner South Area Committee. As well as changing its name it is evolving to become a more effective way for Councillors to engage with the local community. The committee is still made up of the nine ward Councillors for our three wards: Beeston & Holbeck, City & Hunslet and Middleton Park wards.

The domestic violence workshop will last an hour and look at what works and doesn’t work locally and what residents and community organisations can do to improve things.

The session will link into the work being undertaken centrally to tackle Domestic Violence and Abuse and the introduction of a new Domestic Violence Strategy and Action Plan. The workshop will help inform and identify tasks that can contribute to a local plan for domestic violence and abuse.

The workshop starts at 5:30pm with the formal committee meeting starting at 7pm. The committee will still include an Open Forum when any resident can raise an issue or ask a question of the Councillors. The full agenda can be found on the Leeds City Council website.

The meeting takes place at Elland Road Police Station’s community room. If you would like a tour of the new police station please arrive at 5pm.

You can find out more about the work of the Inner South Community Committee by going to its Facebook page or following it on Twitter @LCC_InnerS_CC.