New campaign against dog fouling and littering in Belle Isle and Middleton

A community campaign has been organised in Belle Isle and Middleton to reduce the amount of dog fouling and litter left by inconsiderate residents.

Councillor Kim Groves (Labour, Middleton Park) launched the new campaign to highlight the dangers and consequences of not picking litter or cleaning up after your pets. The campaign was launched with residents from New Forest Village and members of The Hunslet Club and Parkside Rugby Academy at Parkside Playing Fields.

Dog poo campaign

Residents have raised particular concerns about the amount of dog excrement left on local sports pitches and playgrounds. Huge numbers of children make use of these facilities so there is a real concern for their health and safety.

With this in mind, Councillor Groves has worked with residents’ groups and sports clubs to bring the community together to raise awareness of the problem. Campaigners will be handing out leaflets, talking to dog owners and organising clean up days throughout the area.

The Council’s Environmental Action Team have also pledged their support and have produced new signs which will be erected in the area highlighting increased patrols by Dog Wardens and the penalties for not cleaning up after your pets and littering. There will also be increased use of CCTV to monitor problem areas.

Councillor Kim Groves (Middleton Park) said:

“The majority of people always clear up after their pets and do not litter, but there is a small yet persistent minority who show no concern for other people making use of our green spaces. This spoils the appearance of the area and poses a real threat to people’s health and safety, especially for children.

“This campaign will see a reduction in the amount of litter and dog excrement left behind and I look forward to working with the Council and the community to increase awareness of this issue. You could be issued with fines of up to £2,500 if you do not dispose of your litter and your dog’s waste so please do so to help improve our green spaces for the benefit of the whole community.”

Dennis Robbins (Chief Executive of the Hunslet Club) said:

“One of our most important areas of work is to provide children and young people with opportunities to play sports and keep active. Our rugby academy is increasingly popular but litter dog fouling sometimes means the children cannot play. I welcome this new initiative which will make our local green spaces better for everyone.”

To report any instances of dog fouling and littering problems or other issues such as fly tipping call the Council on (0113) 222 4406.

3 Replies to “New campaign against dog fouling and littering in Belle Isle and Middleton”

  1. I find, now that the bins are only emptied once per fortnight, that once I have picked up all the rubbish that has been thrown or blown into my garden, there is little space left for my own rubbish.

  2. I live in Belle Isle and have a huge problem with dogs. A few houses to my left I have a dog owner of two dogs, At some point in the day these dogs will be let out to roam the gardens and foul. Nothing cleaned up.
    A few houses to my right I have a dog owner who keeps his dog on a lead, but stands there while his dog fouls on the grass and walks away (even when I ask him to pick it up).

    Then I saw a dog owner from the next street, walking his dog, he crosses the road, walks to the back of my garden where there is a waste land lets his dog foul on the wasteland and walks back through my garden, crosses the road and goes home.

    That’s four dogs in a very small area. I’m told the council will only act if I get photos of each dog in the act. I live two streets away from Councillor Groves. I’ll happily bag the poo up and bring it round to her just so someone gets the idea of what I have to live with.

    Phoning the number and reporting it hasn’t worked so far, so what will?

  3. It is the owner’s that are in the wrong not the dogs! So perhaps your comment, Betty, ‘That’s four dogs in a very small area.’ Should read, Four owners in a very small area. But you are right it is not acceptable.
    As far as the council’s suggestion to take a pic of the dogs ‘in action’, well that will prove nothing, other than like other living things, dogs excrete, so not very helpful either.
    And what if you have pictoral evidence? The bottom line (excuse pun) is that if an owner is happy to leave mess for others to stand in, then they are not likely to be the kind of person who will change their ways when their actions are politely pointed out to them…….I feel sorry for the dogs.

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