New Bewerley children tell the nativity story

The children of Years 1 and 2 at New Bewerley Community School came together to tell the Christmas story to a hall packed with parents and carers on Friday (9 December 2016).

Angels at New Bewerley Community School

Teacher Gemma Wayte had written the story into a poem which the children had learnt. Classes took it in turns to be centre stage and tell a section of the nativity story.

As well as speaking the words, children signed the words in Maketon. Used with speech, Maketon is a sign and symbol language which helps children with speech problems communicate. Maketon is used widely in the school which supports a number of children with complex physical and medical needs.

Tracey Cunningham, Assistant Headteacher explained:

“In school we have been doing the Talk for Writing Project, and incorporated this into our nativity. This is a two year project which raises standards in writing.”