New Bewerley children graduate at Trinity University

Children from New Bewerley Community School in Beeston attended Leeds Trinity University for a graduation ceremony last week.

Headteacher Gary German with New Bewerley pupils

The children graduated from Leeds Children’s University, having taken part in 30 hours plus of extra curricular learning, and have attended after school clubs such as knitting, chess, sports, drama and film club. They have also attended Super Saturday activities with staff Miss Cunningham, Mrs Goodman and Mrs Milligan; taking part in events at the Art College, and Trinity University (activities such as art workshops, graffiti art, Charleston dance and film workshops).

The Graduation ceremony involved the Leeds Child Lord Mayor, and other schools from Leeds. The children were presented certificates from Headteacher of New Bewerley, Gary German. Parents were also invited to attend.

Based at Leeds Trinity University, Leeds Children’s University aims to encourage children to take part in extra curricular learning at school, and out of school hours. It is aimed at 7-14 year olds.

Its ambition is to raise aspirations, boost achievement and foster a love of learning, so that young people can make the most of their abilities and interests.