New Autism service at Vale Circles

A new service for adults on the autistic spectrum and their carers opens this week at the Vale Circles centre in Beeston.

Vale Circles opening 2The service will begin on Thursday 3 March and run every week 2-7pm at Vale Circles on Tunstall Road in Beeston. It is focussed on autistic adults and those that support them who have little or no funded support and is aimed at increasing access to information and services as well as providing peer support.

The service offers:

  • Information/signposting and advocacy support
  • Citizens Advice Bureau specialist 3-6pm
  • Peer support
  • Workshops and talks
  • Employment advice

There will be quiet areas available and a range of books and information. The service is co-led by autistic adults and aims to also develop additional support for younger adults. This service is free with funding provided by South & East Leeds CCG through Leeds Autism AIM services.

For more information contact