National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations gives BITMO an award



1 (2)We’ve won an award! The National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations gave BITMO an award for Innovation for the creation of the new resource centre, the GATE, which is next to our housing office, Belle Isle, Leeds

We had to have cake to celebrate!! About 30 people turned up on the evening, inc, Councillors Kim Groves , Paul Truswell and Judith Blake.

The Councillors and Chris, boss of Bitmo gave speeches on praising all that been involved with the day to day running of the centre. Volunteers included.


Its nearly a year now since Hilary Benn MP,  on Thursday 26th September 2013 opened BITMO GATE  for the 1st time as the new resource centre  building.

The resource centre  covers many events and activities, such as Computer classes. Places where you can get advise from the Police, Citizen Advise Bureau, CV Surgery, Learn how to play the guitar, and more.

Please Telephone   0113 378 2190 for more information.


More recently, Julies Ancestry Hour, (research your Family Tree) is so popular now lasts 2 hours. This is every Thursday at 10am, excluding 7th August for Holiday’s.4 (9)

Breaking NewsWalking group. leaves BITMO GATE every Wednesday at 12.30pm. Suitable for all ages and abilities. . The walk lasts for around 1 hour. Why not join us for a leisurely walk,  returning to the centre for Tea and Coffee.

I have no doubt that in future weeks and Months further events and Activities will be added.

Well done to Carla & Jess who have the job of running  the Centre.