My life in Cottingley – the forgotten island?

Cottingley resident Vikki Blake has written for South Leeds Life about life in her community…

What can I say about Cottingley Hall?

Well firstly our estate is not called Cottingley, it’s Cottingley Hall. When the Estate was first starting to built it was called Cottingley Hall. Unfortunately over the years people have dropped the Hall and just called it Cottingley.

I like living at Cottingley Hall. Just like with anywhere the estate has its ups and its downs.

Most of the people who live here are nice people, and even though we have our rabbles lol if you talk and treat them ok they will talk and treat you ok.

The one thing I find funny about Cottingley Hall is the layout. It’s one big maze, I do really feel for the poor post person trying to find their way around this place lol.

There are different things going on in the community centre, and also a coffee morning in the elderly residents’ home.

I have found if you need help just ask a neighbour and they will help if they can.

The local school gets involved in the community where it can which I think is nice to get the children involved in community goings on.

We do have a couple of niggles. We do not have a park for the small children to play in and the older teenagers to hang out in; Litter is a big problem on the Estate. A few residents call Cottingley Hall the forgotten island of Leeds. This I can see – we are missed out on a lot of things which residents can be disappointed about.

But all in all I like living here, there are a lot of good people who live on this estate.

There will be two pages devoted to Cottingley in the next issue of the quarterly South Leeds Life magazine, which we’re just starting to put together.