Museums in People’s Homes

Joshua Sofaer is looking to meet collectors from Leeds.

What do you collect?

As artist in residence with Compass Festival, Joshua Sofaer wants to meet private collectors in Leeds. He is especially interested in things that have personal stories, as well as odd and unique collections of things that might normally be disregarded. Sofaer himself is an enthusiastic collector of marginal things: disposable ice cream spoons, Finnish bread ties, fortune cookie fortunes, fake noses, to name a few. Sofaer wants to work towards Museums in People’s Homes, a collection of collectors across the city.

During the residency Sofaer would like to meet as many collectors as possible, share stories, get to know their collecting habits, and develop the project in response to them.

Would you be willing to meet him and share something of your collection? If so, please send an email to


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