More litter bins for Hunslet and Beeston Hill

As local Councillors, we know reducing litter is an important issue for residents. It is therefore important we support residents to do the right thing by providing litter bins where they are needed. We are therefore happy to confirm the next round of new litter bins for Hunslet and Riverside Ward are being placed across parts of the community in the next week – adding twenty two more litter bins to the significant investment made in news bins over the last two years.

We know litter bins reduce nearby litter significantly. This frees up the time of street cleaning staff to litter pick other areas of the ward, cut back more overgrown vegetation, remove more fly tipping, and more. We are committed to providing even more bins across the ward soon, with the current wish list of locations already prepared. But your feedback matters. If there are litter hotspots in your area of the ward let us know. We will have them cleaned up and if needed, we will add them to the list for new litter bin locations.

The new will be placed on/at:

  • Pepper Road (2)
  • Whitfield Gardens (2)
  • Hunslet Road
  • Joseph Street
  • Midland Road
  • Tempest Road (6 bins)
  • Dewsbury Road / Oakley View
  • Pontefract Road (HiQ)
  • Middleton Railway Moor Road
  • Thwaite Gate, Crooked Clock Pub
  • Belinda Street
  • Grove Road / Hemingway Green
  • Church Street (2)
  • Burton Avenue


This post was written by Cllr Paul Wray

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  1. Let’s hope people do put their rubbish in the extra bins or will some people continue to throw rubbish wherever they want and ruin the area

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