Money Matters: Saving money on your water bills

With the cost of living crisis forcing households to reduce their outgoings, Jodie, the Branch Coordinator at Leeds Credit Union, offers some advice on saving money on your energy bills by using less water.

Much has already been written about rising energy bills and the impact this is having on households across the UK. With much of the focus being on the price of gas and electricity, the rising cost of water has gone largely unnoticed but, unfortunately, water bills have increased by almost 2% since March 2022, driving the average UK household’s water bill up to nearly £420 a year.

With this in mind and with Water Saving Week (an annual event that raises awareness of issues around water use) having just taken place from 23-27 May, now is the perfect time to look at ways in which we can all use less water and reduce our water bills.

Turn off your taps

While this may sound obvious, did you know that running taps waste more than five litres of water per minute? Try to only use your taps when absolutely necessary and definitely don’t leave them running while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face.

When it comes to doing the washing up, use a washing up bowl – never wash everything in the sink under running water.

Steam your veg

When boiling vegetables on the hob, you don’t need to fully immerse them in water, just ensure larger items’ bottom halves are covered, pop a lid on your pan and your veg will cook just as well with half the amount of water.
When it comes to gardening, preparation is key

Remember to water your outdoor plants in the early morning or at the end of the day to stop the water evaporating in the midday sun. If you don’t, you’ll have to water everything twice.

Change your shower head

Replacing your shower head with a water efficient one could reduce a four-person household’s water bill by approximately £53 a year. While you might not want to buy a new shower head if yours works perfectly well, water efficient models are available for as little as £20 so, in the long term, it’s an investment worth making.

Beware drips

Dripping taps can waste in excess of 5,300 litres of water a year so, if you notice a tap dripping even after it’s been firmly turned off, change the washer asap.

Make the most of rain water

Installing a water butt allows you to collect rainwater which can then be used to water your garden, saving you as much as 24,000 litres of water a year.


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