Middleton student’s misery as car is broken into

Car broken into, in Middleton 13 May 2014 at about 6:45pm

Car_window_burglaryYesterday I was out attending a conference at Leeds Metropolitan University, on final year computing projects (I’m a second year computer forensics student). I’d left my car outside my home (Thorpe View, Middleton, Leeds). I then caught a ride with my friend.

I had left my Ubuntu bag under the dash board. In this I had:

Macbook Air 11″ With a brown protective case
Google Nexus 7 Tablet with Android case
The power supplies for both items above
A portable ‘Anker 10,000 amp battery’
An encrypted Lacie 500GB external hard drive (the orange rubberised ones)
32GB Sandisk USB stick
4GB Sandisk USB stick

Numerous documents and other less valuable everyday items.

The bag itself is very unique, I am only aware of another friend owning one in Leeds.

This is a link to the bag: http://shop.canonical.com/images/UBN50009-1.jpg

While the electronics have good security measures in place, the ‘Macbook Air’ cannot be tracked unless it gains a connection to the internet.

The car broken in to is a Motabillity car, I have Cerebral Palsy, but have never let my imperfections dictate my life in any way. With it being a Motabillity car, it has no CONTENTS insurance leaving me with a bill to replace my property at my own expense. Possibly thousands of pounds.

It’s just my luck that I have an exam in two days time, with no portable machine.

If anyone hears anything please would they contact me on 07543 053446. The Police have been informed.

Middleton born and bred, an area with serious issues, poverty and a diverse community. Still proud of my roots and achievements!

Always a pleasure to read this blog.


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