‘Metafit’ has arrived in South Leeds


John Charles Fitness logoThe fitness regime that is sweeping the country is now available at John Charles Centre for Sport in South Leeds.

‘Metafit’ is a short high intensity workout designed to quickly lift your metabolic rate. The workout itself lasts just 19 minutes, plus a warm up and cool down. The effects last up to two hours.

There’s no dancing so no co-ordination is required as there is for traditional aerobics or zumba, but there is a focus on technique. It’s not how many press ups or star jumps you do, it’s more important that each one is done correctly.

“One good tuck jump in 30 seconds is worth more than thirty poorly executed jumps.”

The workout focuses on working the big muscle groups: thighs and buttocks, shoulders and upper arms and your core, which is worked by keeping you stabilised through the exercises. As your fitness builds over the weeks, you will be able to fit in more of each exercise.

Metafit has been designed to fit into our busy lifestyles and is available now at John Charles on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and at other Council sports centres. The classes are run by fully trained staff.