The Middleton Park Craft, Flower & Produce show 2013


I arrived at the show, expecting very heavy rain as forecast, but luckily there was only a drizzle all afternoon although it was very windy. I was told lots more people turned up last year, but then it was a beautiful day. You can see from the photos in the slideshow that I struggled with the drizzle constantly blowing onto my lens.


People were out in abundance, I knew was going to be busy when I saw the queue of cars on Town street. I’ve never seem so many cars, since I used to live on Town Street and every bonfire night brought thousands into the park and the cars stretching right past my home at the top end of Town Street.

Hilary Benn MP with Cllr Keith Wakefield opened the curtains which revealed the plaque to note the official opening of the new Visitor Centre. Hilary Benn said the new Visitor Centre is fantastic and hoped everybody will enjoy the centre and better facilities in the park.

The Middleton Park ward Councillors were present: Kim Groves, Judith Blake and Paul Truswell.

There were plenty of stalls, giving out information and selling information. The competitions had scores of classes from flowers and vegetables through to biscuits, scones, embroidery and art.

Our own Jeremy Morton was on the Stank Hall Barn stand where all the volunteers were in medieval costume. Very fetching Jeremy, I could see you as a monk! Where was my mead? Not a lot of people know where this barn is, after seeing the stand, I hope they do now.

I was worn out just watching the Zumba ladies. Many people much fitter than me joined in. I tried to join a Zumba class recently, but was told it was ladies only, pity.

I signed a petition at the Middleton Park golf course stand to stop the council closing this great golf course, which has been in existence since 1933 and was created for the working people of Leeds, to have recreational facilities. I manage to have a word about this with Cllr Judith Blake. She was very non-committal and said there was a meeting about the golf course next month. So watch this space.

After a long enjoyable afternoon, despite the light rain and after meeting so many friends, I made off for home and a nice cup of hot tea.