Middleton Park bonfire and fireworks

Over 7,000 people attended the bonfire and firework display in Middleton Park tonight (5 November 2014).

Crowds poured into the park from all directions, from Belle Isle, Beeston, Middleton and further afield. An enormous pile of pallets was ignited at 7pm and then at 7:30, after a countdown from Cllr Judith Blake, the fireworks started. Oohs and ahhs greeted the finale followed by well deserved applause.

The display was organised by Leeds City Council and Sponsored by the White Rose Shopping Centre.

2 Replies to “Middleton Park bonfire and fireworks”

  1. I went down to the park, I was not going to go but went with the grandkids. To be honest I thought it as a complete waste of money, which could have been better spent. In this day and age with all the cuts the government has made, including closing our Golf Club, its not good.

  2. Fantastic to see a Council organised and a Business sponsored event being so well attended by the community. Congratulations Middleton to another great Bonfire night in a safe and controlled environment!

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