Middleton and Belle Isle commemorates World War One

Date: 4th August 2016

benchMiddleton Park and Belle Isle commemorates World War One.

At two key landmarks in the community, two World War One memorial benches have been unveiled to remember the fallen.

Middleton Park Councillors were delighted to unveil the two benches this week at Belle Isle Circus and Middleton Park Circus and were joined by residents from the community. To commemorate World War One, the councillors financed the benches from their MICE funds.

The benches are decorated with images of soldiers from the Great War and adorned with red poppies.

Councillor Kim Groves (Middleton Park) said:

“Over the years, many of our residents have served their country and we will never forget the sacrifice they made. These benches are a lovely way to remember them.”

Councillor Paul Truswell (Middleton Park) said:

“I cannot stress enough how important these benches are to the community, reminding us all of the immense sacrifice made by service men and women during times of conflict.”

Councillor Judith Blake (Middleton Park) said:

“These benches represent our appreciation for the dedication and commitment from all the men and women who served our country during the First World War. It is great to see a place for residents to reflect and remember our servicemen and women.”

bench 3


Photos  show Cllr Groves and Cllr Truswell unveiling the benches with residents.