Meeting plans to build a more resilient community

St Luke’s CARES, which runs activity groups for young people as well as a charity shop on Dewsbury Road, is organising a meeting for local people to come together to share skills, ideas, and strategies as to how we confront these challenges as a community.

Sally Thumbs, one of the organisers said:

“Amid the political chaos, soaring living costs, climate crisis and global instability that we find ourselves in. It feels like a critical moment to come together and explore plans and strategies for the coming months.”

The Resilient Communities Meeting will taking place on Monday (3 October 2022) at 5pm At St Luke’s CARES Charity Shop on Dewsbury Road LS11 6JQ.

You will be able to find information on existing community and environmental projects as well as put your own ideas and thoughts forward for campaigns or action you would like to see. If you know of any projects happening locally this is a chance to let everyone know about them.

“One tangible action we would like to see happen in our community is collection of recycling bins increased to every two weeks (instead of monthly) could you be involved in this? We want to petition Leeds City Council for this as well as gathering momentum among residents. We will need help with this campaign so come along and find out more” added Sally.

There will be refreshments, a short film screening and speakers. If you can’t attend, but would like to be involved, please get in touch with Sally: or Tania: