Mary’s Marathon for St Luke’s

95 year old Mary Allinson has completed her own fundraising marathon with a circuit of St Luke’s church in Beeston Hill. She is a beloved member of the St Luke’s Church, Holbeck community and started attending in 1949- over 70 years ago with her late husband Charlie.

Together Mary and Charlie served the church and saw a lot of changes, helping to guide it through its first re-ordering in the 1970s, now she is watching the church change again as a new extension is due to be built.

Mary is a very youthful 95 years of age and today walked ‘Mary’s marathon’ to help support St Luke’s Church, accompanied by her friend Jean Jackson (pictured) and supported by her daughter Pat, Mary completed a lap of the Church which involves some very steep inclines. The motivation for this marathon achievement was to help support the Church particularly as it enters a new chapter with the ongoing building work.

Surrounded by supporters and lots of encouragement she finished her marathon to cheers and smiles from gathered friends and members of the church community everyone gathered was proud of her achievement particularly Pat, Mary’s daughter who mentioned that Mary has many people helping her cause including extended family from down south who they later contacted to let them know of her achievement.