Mark is using poetry to combat Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a debilitating condition that attacks the central nervous system, currently there is no cure. So it seems a curious topic for poetry.

Mark hands over a cheque for £2,100 to Parkinson’s UK Leeds branch

But Mark Wilson, from Beeston, is used to fighting his condition by unorthodox means.

Parkinson’s is usually a disease of old age, but Mark was struck down aged just 40. He became depressed and even considered taking his own life, but was saved by his daughter’s phone call and a comedy night out.

Finding that laughter took his mind off his own problems he set about organising comedy nights, both to cheer people up and to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK. His seventh event took place last month and raised £2,100 and the he’s already selling tickets for his eighth night in September.

He has also just published a book of poems called “Parkinson’s at 40.”

“I started writing poetry about 18 months ago” explained Mark. “I found it hard to tell people how I felt, but I could write it down. I put the poems on Parkinson’s pages on Facebook.

“People liked them and thanked me because I said exactly how they were feeling and carers were thanking for saying they finally understood the illness. Someone just said they would like to keep the poems so I should write a book.”

You can buy the book (also available as an ebook) from Mark’s website: