Luke Shaw is Luke Budda

Luke Shaw from Middleton has an alias that he uses when making music and that is Luke Budda.

Luke has fantastic flow and his lyrics are beautifully crafted and often emotional. His track ‘Make or Break – Uncle’s Tribute’ is in part a tribute to his grandma who has had a son die in a hit and run accident, one son die of a heart attack and three sons who lost their lives to suicide. Luke admires his grandma greatly and the song also pays homage to her sons Peter, Martin, Gareth, Jay and Shane Dickinson. Despite dealing with all of this, his grandma is now caring for her own 97 year old mother. It’s no wonder that Luke is in awe of her.

Despite suffering from anxiety, Luke was partly inspired to begin his musical career by the Leeds group Straight Out of Nowhere, featuring Levi J Warrener, Brad Chappelow and Andy Wood.

Luke is grateful for the support and encouragement the group have given him to live his dream. And live it he has! Luke already has over 275,000 followers on Facebook and 400 subscribers on YouTube even though he has only uploaded four videos so far.

He has been writing music for the past six years  but has only been releasing his work to the public for the past seven months. Luke finds that performing helps him with his anxiety and to relieve pressure.

Luke has a full time job but still makes time for music. He has four children he helps to take care of and says the kids are his greatest supporters. His daughter sings along to the chorus of his song ‘My Girl’ with him and that gives him great pride.

Luke says that mental health is an issue very close to his heart and that he often tells his friends that he loves them and lets others know how he is feeling. He is keen that his friends and family don’t keep issues to themselves and don’t let things build up.

On reading the comments on his YouTube page it is clear to see that Luke has many friends and fans supporting him and giving him the confidence to keep going:

“WOW Luke. I was transfixed. What an emotional heartfelt tribute.”

Hey Dude – listened to this song on Marti’s channel yesterday – not kidding you brother it touched me deep in a good way – the message/song is a most beautiful powerful performance – working hard to help others with mental health as well – good work dude – stay strong – stay focused – stay positive… keep going.”

Luke is very much looking forward to being able to perform to crowds when that is allowed to happen. He explains that he gets very nervous when making his music videos but practice makes perfect and he is improving all of the time.

You can check out Luke’s YouTube channel here


This post was written by Hazel Millichamp

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  1. I’m the sister of all the boys im lukes mum and I just like to clarify that my 4 year old brother was not a hit a run. he was knocked down the person stayed..

  2. Bless ya lisa, ya a strong family. I’ve a lot of respect for ya mam Mavis and gran. Fucking super women they are 🙂 not into that rap and grime but enjoyed listening to that bout Budda boys means a lot to ya. Keep going Luke! XxX

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