Ludus Festival brings the Life Boat to Beeston


A skeleton ship fitted with hammocks is about to appear in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston.

Life Boat 02Residents are invited to come and relax in the hammocks, contemplate life and meet the crew. It’s all part of the Ludus Festival which will see arts events across the city during 2014. ‘Life Boat’ is one of the first events and will take place in Cross Flatts Park on Thursday and Saturday (3 and 5 April 2014) from 11am-5pm.

Whilst in the hammocks people are invited to “Look at the world from a slowly changing point of view and consider the issues of the day: migration, sustainability, ethical trade, your live, our lives.” There will also be a follow up discussion on Thursday evening at Hillside from 6:30pm.

Alison Andrews, Programme Associate said:

“Working closely with the teams connected with the community in South Leeds has been a fascinating process in grassroots community engagement with arts and performance.

“The culmination will of course be the actual events and whilst the festival is about performance it is also about inviting local people out to play.

“It’s about Leeds trying out different ideas about performance, what we might find and where we might find it once we embrace the idea of ‘play’. And the performances and discussions are free so check out dates and times on our website and come along and get involved.”

Ludus Festival logoLife Boat is a free event and is presented by the Institute For Crazy Dancing.

Find out more about the Ludus Festival on their website:


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