Love Beeston? Clean Beeston! Campaign organises tidy up

Community members at last Sunday's South Leeds Community Alliance meeting
Community members at last Sunday’s South Leeds Community Alliance meeting

South Leeds Life received this email from Gohar Almass Khan, the secretary of the South Leeds Community Alliance Group, which has organised a community clean-up next Thursday. Everyone is welcome to attend:

Dear friends & colleagues,

First of all I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all on behalf of South Leeds Community Alliance & residents of Beeston, for taking interest in the “Love Beeston? Clean Beeston!” Campaign.
As  a follow up to the open community/police/Leeds city council meeting last Sunday, we’ve organised a Clean up Hour every Thursday starting from Thursday the 24th of January 2013.
  • 10:45am……Meet @ Community Cafe Hamara Centre  LS11 7ND for a quick Briefing & a Coffee
  • 11:00am…..Starting the Clean up from Maud Avenue  LS11 7DN from Cross Flatts Park end ( Behind King Kebab ) to the Building Blocks end.
  • 12:00pm…..Finish Cleaning to decide venue for the following week
  • 12:10pm…..Lunch @ Community Cafe
Let’s make this campaign a Success AGAIN like last year or even better by getting as many people as possible to attend and share & forward this message to all your local friends and colleagues.

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