Lord Mayor visits Reach Primary Learning Centre

The Lord Mayor of Leeds visited Reach Primary Learning Centre in Beeston today (17 January 2018). Cllr Jane Dowson was there to support the learning the children had been doing about aspirations.

Lord Mayor Cllr Jane Dowson with Silas Howarth and Tyler Bullers

They got to find out what the Lord Mayor does for our city, why she wears a special chain and how to become a Lord Mayor. They had previously had visits from a life guard, security worker, a vet, a make-up technician, a police officer, an ICT technician, a decorator and a chef. It was an enjoyable day and gave the children lots of great ideas about what they would like to do for a profession when they are older.

Some of the children’s responses:

Silas, “I would like to be an archaeologist as I’m interested in discovering artefacts from a long time ago.”

Lily, “I would like to be an artist. I’m good at drawing.”

Tyler, “I want to be a policeman or a professional rugby player.”

Ebonnie, “I want to be a vet so that I can make animals better.”

Reach Primary Learning Centre is a thirty five place provision for pupils aged between five and eleven years old who are at risk of exclusion or permanent exclusion from mainstream primary school.  All of the pupils referred have mild SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) needs.

The Centre works closely with pupils, their families, referring schools and outside agencies to identify the extra support that is needed to help them achieve. The curriculum is personalised for every pupil and the staff work hard to ensure all children enjoy learning and make the best possible progress. They aim to influence their future decision making by encouraging them to make positive choices.


This post was written by Ali Elvidge using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.