My Life in South Leeds: Holbeck Moor

Here is the last (for now) of our My Life in South Leeds stories from young women who are part of the Shine Project.

My Life in SL

Hi my name is Kirsty, I’m 13 years old and I have lived in Holbeck for 4 years. I would like to tell my story on the truth about Holbeck Moor. For those of you that don’t live in or near Holbeck it is an estate just south outside Leeds city centre.

Holbeck MoorHolbeck Moor is the green space and park area across the road from the estate. There are are many good points about Holbeck Moor. It has a good skate park which is a good place to socialise and show off your tricks! Holbeck Moor is also a good place to walk the dog with the family or just let your dog off the lead for run around (only if they are good with other dogs and with children though!) Holbeck Moor also has many shops nearby like Premier and Newsagents which always have great deals and prices!

Unfortunately there are also bad points about Holbeck Moor for example the park is quite small so it can be quite crowded, especially at weekends. Holbeck Moor is also covered in glass and sometimes you see needles which in my opinion makes it quite unsafe for younger children to play there. Not only that but people also go to the park to have a drink on a weekend which can also be a bit off putting. It is also close to a main road so that can be unsafe for children and dogs.

These are my opinions about Holbeck Moor, I think it could be a good place and so I hope some improvements can be made on the Moor so that everyone can enjoy it together!

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  1. Thanks for the comments it is good to hear what people think about the moor. It would be nice to here what yhey would like to see on the moor to help us make it better. Sorry to hear about the grass it is a moor though.

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