Leeds Job Creation Foundation Spearheads Auditions with a Difference


Hunslet-based BE Fuel Cards is hosting auditions featuring music and entertainment as part of an inspirational job creation foundation to generate 40 roles in the energy industry in the short term – and hundreds of employment opportunities over the coming years.

The Bayford Foundation - powering career opportunities to new heights
The Bayford Foundation – powering career opportunities to new heights


BE, the driving force behind The Bayford Foundation, is promising an action packed agenda including workshops for the colourful event taking place at the Hunslet Club from 2-5pm on Saturday 6th July – and to which members of the public are invited.

The Bayford Foundation will run and pay trainees to embark on rolling 12-week training and development programmes in sales. The programme will operate out of the Gibraltar House base of BE Fuel Cards, which supplies BP fuel cards to UK businesses.

In what is believed to be a UK first, the Foundation will invest up to £5,000 to put each recruit through the courses. They will also pay them a salary for their 12-week duration. Those who pass will receive a university recognised qualification which is equivalent to an A Level and join the BE Fuel Cards team on a minimum £16k annual salary.

Designed to strike the right chord with potential employees, the 6th July auditions will give recruits a chance to meet the BE Fuel Cards team and decide if they want to embark on the Foundation’s exciting journey.

Foundation Leader June Forsyth said:

“The Foundation is our way of generating jobs for the future and giving back to our local communities. Recruits from all walks of life who want to work with us and sign up to our rolling 12-week training programmes are invited to bring their friends and families and get involved. The auditions will be fun and upbeat and we’ll keep everyone going with tea and cakes!”

For more information visit www.bayfordfoundation.co.uk or call 0113 202 5129.