Leeds For All celebrates disabled people

International Day of Disabled People is about celebrating disabled people while highlighting issues we face and having people join in conversations who can affect change.

This year’s event by Leeds For All ticks every one of those boxes. Leeds For All is a working group comprised of representatives from organisations including Leeds City Council, Forum Central, The William Merritt Centre and Advonet.

The group plan and run events to celebrate the International Day of Disabled People on 3 December each year.
Thgis year’s events started on 29 November with accessible events on zoom and in person.

The events showcase talented disabled people while the events through the week offer support group, Autistic question time, sensory Tai Chi, comedy with Luke Poulton and much more. Check out the full programme at: forumcentral.org.uk/idodp21 (accessible versions available)

The theme for this year is “Leeds for All – Recovery from Covid-19”; to acknowledge and highlight people with disabilities and how we can champion those rights to create a city friendly for those with disabilities. It will be a space for celebration, reflection, connection, acceptance, and challenge.

A theme that is always relevant for disabled people will have a focus on listening and including us in conversations around accessibility for those with physical and learning disabilities and neurodivergence.

There will be a quieter hour 10am to 11am at the City Museum event on Friday 3 November for those with sensory issues with noise.

Everyone is welcome to the weeklong event and information about finding support will be available at the Leeds For All marketplace.

Cllr James Lewis, Leader of Leeds City Council said:

“I am delighted to see such a wide variety of events taking place across Leeds in celebration of the International Day of Disabled People. It’s fantastic to see the collaboration between Forum Central, The William Merritt Centre, the Council and the voluntary and community organisations involved in creating this week of accessible events.”


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  1. I’m glad this event is taking place for disabled people, I have a 8 years old severely Autistic son and sometimes I feel like not much is being done for the disabled people Adults! And sometimes I feel not many our there understand about the disabled and their needs! More awareness of any sort of disabilities should be made aware of for others to understand!

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